DK Online

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Jump into a world filled with tension and racial strife. The legendary dark dragon Kharvag has escaped from his sealed prison and now leads his minions to destroy the scattered and warring races of Latos. Now the lesser races of Latos must put aside their differences and take up arms as a new generation of Dragon Knights to seal Kharvag once and for all!


Four Unique Races and Classes: Choose from the hardy enterprising humans, magically inclined elves, cunning animalistic Felynx, or ferocious Lycans, each having access to different classes including warrior, sorceress, shadowmage, and paladin.

Shapeshifting: Harness the lost arts to shapeshift into powerful monsters, temporarily gaining you access to unique stats and special abilities to give you an edge in combat.

Castle Siege Warfare: Rise with your guild to conquer the proud castles dotting the landscape of Latos. An attacking team of 25 players are given an hour and thirty minutes to overthrow up to 5 guilds chosen to defend a castle.

Community Focused: Forge a guild, create alliances with other factions, build a team of master craftsmen, and control the world of Latos!

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