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DOFUS Touch is a free-to-play mobile fantasy MMORPG developed by ANKAMA Games for iOS and Android and is expecting to see an NA release in 2016. In Dofus Touch you can become one of 15 very different character classes, each with their own distinct playstyle, and go on the ultimate adventure in search of legendary dragon eggs. Around every corner you'll encounter fierce creatures, deadly bosses, and players from all around the world that can help you on your way to success. Can you create your very own legend that players will be telling until the end of time throughout the World of Twelve?


Singleplayer Chapters: Play through 25 Chapters of the game by yourself that will take you to familiar locations and events in your favorite cartoons!

PvP Arena: Fight against other players from around the globe in the PvP Arena and prove that your cartoon character line-up is the best out there!

Card Fusions and Upgrades: Upgrade your cards or fuse them with other cards to make your deck incomparable in terms of raw power.

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