Dogma: Eternal Night

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    Prelude Games Factory

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Dogma: Eternal Night is an upcoming 3D vampire MMORPG being developed by Prelude Games Factory and it will officially launch on Kickstarter on November 24. Dogma: Eternal Night is set in modern cities where the Kindred are living under the guise of humanity. Players will assume the role as a vampire and make their own decisions on how they want to live their life, whether it is stealthily or by creating as much chaos and bloodshed as possible. Player housing and social interactions will also play an important role in the game and how you build relationships with fellow Kindred. If you're looking for a hardcore gaming environment, then Dogma: Eternal Night might just be what you have been searching for.


Perma-Death: Your characters can be permanently lost in the game, so you will need to carefully consider each situation you come upon.

MMO/Shooter Elements: Combat in Dogma: Eternal Night reflects a combination of both traditional MMO and third-person shooter combat elements.

Consequences: Your actions will have consequences and can alert Mortals to your presence, or even cause other Kindred to hunt you if they deem you too unstable.

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