Doom Forge

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  • Developer:
    Xenao Games

  • Genres:
    3D Medieval

Doom Forge is a online browser-based fighting/RPG game. Create an ultimate fantasy warrior, fight against other players on the Arena for money, fame and glory.


Thrilling combat: The game features a simple yet diverse fighting mechanic where players control their heroes by executing special abilities.

Social features: Players can not only fight against each other, they can also form a clan. Together, they can build a team, allowing them to participate in the monthly tournament where they can win amazing prizes.

Selectable classes: 3 distinct classes, each with its own unique abilities and mechanics.

Crafting and trading: Players can gather crafting resources to be able to craft different battle gear. Real-time Auction House system allows players to trade resources and gear. Occasional tasks and events open up endless opportunities to test your skills and earn rare items in the game.

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