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Dragon Eternity is a browser-based MMORPG. Choose from either the Vaalor or Sadar kingdoms, and begin your path to glory. Find a variety of items and equipment to help you defeat NPCs. You can see what your character has equipped in the inventory screen, which is unique from many browser based games. Dragon Eternity is quest driven, and completing them rewards experience and gold. Combat is unique in that you choose a stance each round, which determines what types of attacks you will cause.


Two factions: Both kingdoms are different, and have their own motivations. The quests you receive will depend on who you ally yourself with. This will also determine your opponents in PvP battles.

Reputation and collections: Raise your rapport with several factions in game, and collect rare items in the game. This will unlock some unique items and abilities for you to use!

Shop and auctions: Access items from any of the shops across the world. If you can't find the item you need, you can check the auctions for it, to buy from other players. Or you can sell what you find, yourself!

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