Dragon Revolt

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    Snail Games

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    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Dragon Revolt is a mobile fantasy MMORPG from Snail Games developed for iOS and Android devices where players must take up arms as an imperial power attempts to stop a renegade faction's uprising. The Rossel Empire or the Asta Blood Alliance are at war with each other, and it has come time for you to choose a side. Play as one of the Holy Trinity of MMORPG classes on the faction of your choice and take one dungeons, dragons, and other players! There are few who can even handle the dungeons of the world, let alone the massive draconian beasts that wander the world. Will you defy the odds?


Holy Trinity: Choose a faction and the class of your choice. Become a cleric, warrior, or mage and learn the role you will play in battle!

Teamwork: Taking down dragons isn't something you can do by yourself. Form a team with other players and take advantage of all the different classes' skills.

Class Trees: Each class has three different tiers of talents that points can be put into to specialize your role in combat. Choose wisely!

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