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Dragona Online is an MMORPG developed by Korean based game developer Liveplex. This game has this unique game feature called “Dragon Transformation.” Players become embroiled in a world wide struggle fueled by protecting the goddess and 5 dragons responsible for forging the world.


Dragon Transformation: Players can build up points over time which can be exchanged in one wild burst of power. During this burst, the player partially turns into a dragon capable of massive destruction. Players can choose to partially transform to gain power without sacrificing their skills, or fully transform to begin an uncontrolled rampage.

Open PvP: Players can attack other players outside of towns or battle arenas. However they will incur dishonor points for doing so. However if you fall below 70 points, NPCs will not trade with you, some quests will be unacquirable, and some town guards will attack you on sight.

Guild Wars: Guilds can declare war and duke it out anywhere in the world they choose to. Guild wars begin after a 24 hour notice for both guilds, and last for 3 days. Guild supply routes can also be destroyed to impact the enemy guild's EXP gain and item drop chances.

Unique Alliance System: Guilds can forge alliances, either on equal terms or in service to another guild. While “Equal Cooperation” allows guilds to make decisions independently, Headquarter guild alliances allow the alliance leader to force follower guilds to join in on guild wars.

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