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Dragon's Call 2 is the sequel to Dragon's Call, and like it's predecessor, it is an MMORPG with side-scrolling and turn-based systems. Set three years after the original, Dragon's Call 2 sets players on a quest to discover the corruption of the magical Light of the world. The game features three classes -- Warrior, Assassin, and Mage -- and a variety of spells and abilities to overcome adversaries. Various equipment options are available as well. Guilds play a major part in the game play, as they provide additional benefits to players within them.


Guild Events: Join your guild members as you embark on different missions designed to provide guild reputation. Additional benefits such as increased action points are also given to guild members.

Faction War: Players from opposing factions can face off against one another. Use honor to inspire your troops and weaken your opponent, and prove your force's might!

World Bosses: When you have reached the appropriate level, you and your friends can face off against difficult bosses, spread throughout the world. Defeating them can give you plenty of gold, experience, and gear to face greater challenges.

Instances: Completing storyline quests will grant access to instances in that zone. Each zone has different instances to challenge, and once you've defeated the boss of the instance, heroic mode will unlock, for even greater challenge.

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