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Dragons of Elanthia is a free-to-play multi-player shooter featuring everyone's favorite thing ever: dragons! Choose from a dragon and rider that fit your playstyle, and compete against other players in intense PvP matches.


Mix and Match: Pick from eight dragons and eight riders to find a combination to suit your style or counter your opponents.

Game Modes For All: From deathmatch to massive sieges, there's multiple ways to make war on your dragon - and more will be added over time.

Spectator Mode: If you don't have time to play, or just want to see how others are managing the battle field, you can fly around a match in the dedicated spectator mode.

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  • Dragons of Elanthia Trailer

    Simutronics gives a first look at Dragons of Elanthia, their upcoming aerial combat game featuring dragons!

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  • dragona

    This game is now open alpha testing, just go to there website and register and you should get a key # to play for free.