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Drakensang's epic fantasy story will guide players through the world of Drakensang Online, prompting them to unite with thousands of other players and repel the evil forces amassing against them.

Heroic deeds on an epic scale: The Drakensang Online story
Centuries ago, a mighty dragon engulfed the world in flames which plunged the world into a state of chaos and nearly caused the downfall of mankind. Brave heroes inspired the public to join forces and banish the dragon to the fiery depths from where it came.  However, after the death of these valiant warriors, the empire eventually crumbled. Memories faded, vigilance waned and the evil became nothing more than a distant legend.

A century of peace and prosperity passed, and unsettling rumors started to spread like wildfire – war has broken out in the north and Prince Aldred has vanished without a trace. The land is shrouded in terror and a long-forgotten cult has reemerged. The increasing turmoil, an omen of the dragon’s revengeful return, is a summons to the ancient order of dragon warriors and mages to take up arms once again. The time has come for them to confront the evil which was banished into dark realms centuries ago. As the battle to end all battles draws near, new warriors are born and the bravest will join forces to fight for freedom and survival: A new age has begun – an age of heroes!

Mesmerizing graphics thanks to Nebula Technology
Drakensang Online’s high-quality graphics and intricate details are sure to captivate viewers like no other browser-based game has done before, strengthening the online game’s renowned reputation. The in-house developed Nebula engine – which was used in the development of the PC versions of Drakensang – makes it possible to play the game in a browser without players needing to install any software onto their computer.  The superior graphics lets players enjoy impressive settings such as picturesque medieval cities, lush forests and gloomy crypts.

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  • bernythefly

    bad game. they say is free but everything costs real money. and worst of all they do everything to make you spend money, including changing the game with no prior notification. also developers dont give a damn about players oppinion. i played this game 2 years, beared a lot of their injustice (btw if you try to say something you can get your account banned just because they dont like what you say). F2P players dont stand a chance in a full of bugs and errors pvp section. After last patch i decided to quit game and spread the truth about this game. My advice….dont start to play it or if you already play…quit it while you still have your nerves and your money. This game is a robbery and the developers are robbers. Fairwell!!!

  • Blindsquirl

    I love this game.! It is DEFINITELY tougher to progress to level 40, if you don’t have some money to make it EASIER… but if you want an “easier game”.. try checkers.