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Features: - Religion - Politics - Player Businesses - Player-Run Nations, Cities, Towns and Villiages - Player Housing - Player Spell/Item Creation - Alchemy - Weekly Quest Updates - Player-Involved Storyline - PK Enabled - Player Created/Enforced Laws - Fullscreen - Paperdoll (Equipped items appear on character), Hairstyles and Skin Colors - Character Profiles, Backstory's - Skill Category System for Unique Abilities - Constant Updates, Patches and Upgrades! - Evolving World with Weather effects, 3D Sound and Endless Possibilities Classes Classes have been removed, and replaced with a skill progress system. When you are born, you are given a level of "1" throughout each skill category; Dark, Holy, Arcane, Swordsman, Combat and Assassination. Casting a Dark spell gives you experience in the Dark category, eventually leveling it and unlocking stronger spells, however, this comes at the cost of Holy spells, which lose experience as you level Dark.

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