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The world of After Dreams is a mystical world in which fairy tale creatures from Peter Pan to the Big Bad Wolf have come to life and live together acting out the fairy tales told around the world to comfort children before bed. However a fiend has stolen these characters 'Time,' resulting in chaos and fairy tales ending in confusing unhappy ways.

As the Sleepwalker, it is your job to investigate the disappearance of Time and stand as a soldier to fight against those that seek to destroy After Dreams.


4 Unique Playable Classes: Play as a pasrty chef, indian warrior, dream painter, or nutcracker, each bringing a crazy spin to classic MMO roles.

Intricate Storyline: Follow a deep and twisted political conflict as the fairy tales you know are thrown on their heads and not everything is as it seems.

Vibrant Cel-Shaded World: Every instance and map is care takingly crafted to make a colorful world in which your tale unfolds.

Challenging Boss Battles: Take on the fantasy characters of legend such as Snow White, Captain Hook, and the Queen of Hearts in larger than life form. Only united and coordinated teams will survive to become legends themselves.

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