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Dreamland Online is a beautifully made3Dside-scrolling MMORPG.Dreamland Online features attractive anime-style graphics in a world that you can easily immerse yourself in. Withan incredible line-up of stylishly cute and cartoonish characters, this game focuses on being fun for every audience. Introduce yourself to an incredible storyline filled with magic and adventure...

Set in a once-peaceful dreamland, this fairy tale world was turned upside-down when Evil Fog brought about a deadly plague. Desperate to save themselves, the people of Dreamland were rewarded for their faith by the appearance of a huge branch of the life tree, known as the Courage Source. The branch pierced the cloud of death and gave the people a special gift: Hero Faith that can endow the brave with power. The people summoned heroes to take up arms and use the power of Hero Faith to defend their homeland from monstrous threats. War has come to Dreamland. Will your hero be ready for the challenge?

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