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    Sparkypants Studios

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    Sci-Fi, Strategy, MOBA, Free To Play

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Dropzone is a highly competitive free to play sci-fi RTS developed by Gameforge 4D GmbH for PC set in the dawn of the 22nd Century. Humanity's utter dependance on a new resource called Cores found on one of Jupiter's moons is concerning to say the least, and now that a hostile alien race called the Kavash also seeks more Cores it doesn't bode well for the human race. You must become a Core Hunter and command a squad of three elite Pilots operating battle-ready Rigs to help secure Cores for humanity and push back the Kavash before it is too late!


Customizable Rigs: Pilots and gear can be customized and combined to create a squad of rigs that will dominate the competition.

Spectator and Replay Modes: Spectator and Replay modes will help new and seasoned players observe new strategies and find the holes in their own master plans.

1-On-1 Matches: It's only you and your opponent on the battlefield so there will be no teammates to blame your loss on. May the best man win!

Capture Objectives: Randomly selected objectives can be captured and will offer you a different way of earning points that will influence match outcomes.

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