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Changyou’s upcoming title, tentatively named Duke of Mount Deer, is a F2P Fantasy MMORPG of epic scale. With a massive development budget and big names heading the project from Korea, the U.S., and China, the game is shaping up to redesign the social atmosphere of MMORPGs today. Players will engage in their crafts, or master their combats, to contribute towards an ‘intergalatic’ war between themselves and other servers for the sacred Dragonblood Land.


Interconnected Servers: Players can chat with, trade with, and even war with other servers through a centralized server known as Dragonblood land.

Detailed Social System: Players can form clans, join large guilds, create a family name to unite their friends under, enter master-apprentice relationships, form soulmate relationships and even get married!

Separated Profession System: Players can focus solely on their profession without worrying about the need to level up their combat skills. As such dedicated merchant classes are possible to create, with 10 different professions for players to dabble in.

Triple Class System: Players can choose to learn three of the six available combat classes in the game, and then switch between them at a moment’s notice, even during combat!

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