Dungeon Boss

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    Big Fish Games

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    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Dungeon Boss is a free-to-play mobile fantasy RPG developed by Big Fish Games for iOS and Android where players can battle to be the boss of the dungeon. Have you ever wanted to lead a team of heroes through trials and tribulations to help them fend off insurmountable odds? Then Dungeon Boss is your game! With consistently updated content and unique characters Dungeon Boss seeks to give players a game that will never go stale. Battle just how you'd like in a variety of game modes and lead your band of heroes to victory!


Hero Teams: Form a team of heroes from over 70 different heroes with unique abilities that each offer something different to your team composition. Upgrade them with different kinds of equipment, unlock their Epic abilities, and collect skins to make them your own!

Dungeon Choice: Choose between different types of dungeons to take on. The Tower of Pwnage, Challenge Mode, and Boss Mode are just a few of the different kinds of game modes that players can test their skills in.

Content Updates: Enjoy new heroes, daily campaign quests, and weekly events being added on a consistent basis to give you even more things to collect and challenges to take on.

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