Dungeon Defenders II

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  • Developer:
    Trendy Entertainment

  • Genres:
    Other, Fantasy, 2.5D/2D Fantasy

Dungeon Defenders II is a highly innovative Action Tower Defense Game. Whilst focusing upon the original Tower Defense game characteristics, it also has classic role playing elements such as fighting for loot and character development. Players can create a team of heroes to take into battle. Each hero has a different skill set. Too lazy? Just let the towers do their work -whether it be unleashing fire, summoning lightning or freezing enemies to their bones! Players have the option of either going into a solo adventure, or enjoying the game with up to three friends.

Dungeon Defenders II surely had major improvements in comparison with its original counterpart. The Tower Defense gameplay mechanic is much more refined, and provides a seamless gaming experience, putting the player into full control of the battlefield. Elemental combos have also been enabled, linking Defenses, Abilities, and Loots together. These improvements and many more makes Dungeon Defenders an exciting brand new game.


Enhanced Advanced Tower Defense Gameplay: Every important part of the original gameplay has been improved for a more holistic and smooth experience. Hotkeys are implemented into the game, and a more convenient and free camera system puts the battlefield truly in the hands of the player.

Environmental Traps: Specific Traps now work hand-in-hand with their environments, accommodating to their circumstances. This provides a more stylized and imaginative gameplay for the player.

Four Player Co-Op: Players can now player in a multiplayer mode and fight against their enemies together with their friends. Don't worry, each player still retains as much control of the battlefield as before!

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