Dungeon Defenders

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    Trendy Entertainment

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    PC, PS3, Xbox360

Dungeon Defenders takes place in a once war torn world that was made peaceful by four legendary guardians of the realm. The legendary guardians trapped a dark power inside an impenetrable stronghold to ensure it would never be unleashed upon the world again. Unfortunately those guardians left their younger kin in charge of the common household chores of the castle while off to complete greater quests. These kin have now unleashed some of the dark magic upon the castle and are in a desperate struggle to protect the inner sanctum from the monsters that threaten it.


Four Characters: Play as the magical Apprentice, keen Huntress, hearty Squire, or cunning Monk as you defend the castle with unique abilities and weaknesses.

Unique Tower Defense Aspect: Although the game plays from an action game perspective, it is definitely a strategy game at its core. Build your fortress in preparation to defend against the various hoards seeking to destroy the castle. Skill plays a big part but without a plan, you'll never survive.

Deep Stat System: As you battle, you gain experience to place into leveling your various skills and stat points. Or you can use your hard earned loot to upgrade your various tower structures to ensure a stronger fortress has your back.

Difficulty Settings and Modes: Players can adjust the difficulty of each mission to one of four levels. Also extra modes such as survival mode exist to truly test your skill.

Familiars: Players may tame tiny dragons and other creatures to accompany them in battle. They can be leveled and customized to suit your needs.

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