Dungeon Overlord

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    Night Owl Games

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    Facebook, Browser

Dungeon Overlord is a multiplayer competitive strategy game where players assume the role of an evil overlord with intentions of conquering the world. This involves using a detailed dungeon builder to build your inner sanctums, forge an army, and embark on a quest to conquer and enslave all in your path. Dungeon Overlord looks to set a new standard for hardcore Facebook gaming.


Forge Your Realms: Overlords will be able to build their dungeon from scratch. Dungeons must have means of gathering resources, housing for your minions, and enough defensive mechanisms to protect your treasures from rival overlords. Keep a strategic mind about you when forming your realm.

Build Your Forces: Not every overlord builds their empire on might alone. Proper research is also vital in overcoming your enemies. With new technologies comes more efficient ways to utilize your resources, new dungeon expansions, and more powerful monster summons.

Expand Your Empire: After building an army, you can test them out pillaging weak villages and monster lairs for resources. Once you are confident in your abilities, you may even launch full out raids against other overlords in the ultimate PvP showdown.

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    Dungeon Overlord is set to take Facebook gaming into the realm of the hardcore. Build your own realm and destroy your enemies!

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