Dungeon Siege III

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    PC, Xbox360, PS3

Enter a world torn assunder by dark arts and suspicion. The Kingdom of Ehb was once a proud beacon light for the world. Under the watch of their supreme monarch and the 10th Legion, Ehb set the bar of which all other nations acquired to become.

However, tensions between the Monarch and 10th Legion rose as the Legion's power continued to grow. Finally, the powder keg was set when the Monarch was murdered under myseterious circumstances. The people rose up against the 10th Legion and few among the Legion escaped.

Now the Church, led by Jeyne Kassynder, has taken up arms to conquer all the remnants of Ehb and destroy the last of the 10th Legion. Rise up as one of the descendants of the 10th Legion to take back the kingdom that is rightfully yours!


Multiplayer: Take up arms with up to 4 friends as your hack and slash your way through armies of undead and mystical creatures.

Fluid Online Multiplayer: Jump in and out of your friend's gaming world at any time. No obligations required, the difficulty will adjust accordingly!

Dynamic Storyline: The world and environment around you changes to match your decisions in the story.

Huge Variety of Skills: From magic to weaponry, Dungeon Siege has a huge array of weapons and magic as your disposal. Mix and match to find what works best for you.

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