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Dying Light: Bad Blood is the upcoming Battle Royale style game set in the grim world of Techland's Dying Light franchise. Dropped into a hot zone, each player is tasked with gathering blood samples from zombies in order to buy their seat on the helicopter that will airlift them out. The catch? There won't be enough seats for everyone.


Hardcore PvP, Dyling Light Style: Collect weapons to use against your opponents in brutal combat, or use the environment to defeat your foes - zombies and humans alike.

Exciting PvE: You'll also have to defeat zombies in order to collect blood samples to board the chopper. Or just ambush other players when they do, if you think you're fast enough.

Parkour!: Dying Light is known for its fluid maneuverability. Climb anything, slide down ropes, leap from building to building as you chase down victory.

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