Dynasty of the Magi

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    Poetcode, LLC

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Combining a free 3D MMO adventure with a fantasy eBook series, players can adventure in a brand new interactive ecosystem. Play a Warrior Magi from either the Outerworld or Underworld, defeat monsters, and venture on new quests that will shape the world through each book in the series.


New MMO-eBook Ecosystem: Play with others around the world while you connect with the author, determining the fate of the story in a lore-rich world.

Unlock New Content: As players complete quests, the author of the series will release new eBooks, detailing their adventures and setting the tone for the next story to come.

Multiplayer & Solo: Play alone, or in Co-Op or PvP modes.

Interactive eBook: Interact with the map of the realms, illustrations, and 3D models as you read, directly connecting your book with the game world.

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  • Dynasty of the Magi Trailer

    Dynasty of the Magi is an interesting experiment mixing an evolving e-book with RPG elements.

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