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    Fantasy, 2D Fantasy

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EarthNight is a 2D action-adventure rogue-like runner featuring a wealth of hand-painted illustrations. In a dystopian future dragons have taken over the world and have exiled the human race to the planet's orbit. But two people have had enough. Skydive back to Earth's surface and take out as many scaley beasts as you can before you perish.

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Back to Basics: Every fast and deadly race to the bottom is a multilayered experience blending intense hopping and dashing running sections as well as living level-selects in a classic arcade-inspired style.

Two for One: Controls are easy to learn, but difficult to master with a duo of actions consisting of jump or anchor. Mastering both simple systems is the key to surviving as long as possible.

Continue?: Dive again and again exploring secrets, collecting items, and discovering dozens of gameplay-altering powerups.

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