Eco – Global Survival Game

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    Strange Loop Games

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Eco - Global Survival Game is a multiplayer survival game by Strange Loop Games. Players must work together to build a civilization in a finite shared world, using resources from a fully simulated ecosystem where your every action affects the lives of countless species.


Global Surival: Expand and explore while being mindful of the thousands of simulated plants and animals, all of which out their lives on a server running 24 hours a day, growing, feeding and reproducing, with their existence highly dependent on other species.

Player-run government: Propose, discuss, and vote on laws with other players, then physically preventing players from breaking the law.

Player-run enconomy: Collaborate with other players to create stores and services for other players.

Research and grow: Performing experiments to unlock new skills and gear, then use them to expand and create cities all over the world.

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