Ecol Tactics Online

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    YD Online

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Ecol Tactics Online is a turn-based browser strategy game where players recruits mercenaries and defeat evil monsters; customize your skill builds and gather a diverse cast of characters and prepare for war against evil hordes of monsters and their creator. Aspiring to be like the heroes that rescued you, they invite you to join them on their quest for wealth and great fortune. After completing many quests you decided that you are ready to venture out with your own band of mercenaries. Unbeknownst to you dark days are ahead. An invading army of monsters is ready to wreak havoc on the kingdom and its queen. With amazing "old school" pixel art themes, deep character customization, skill crafting, equipment upgrade, and personalized costumes, all characters are unique to their players.


Strategic Battles: Strategic Decisions decide the Battle, Customize your skill builds, gather a diverse cast of characters to watch your back.

Old School Tactical Gameplay, Now Online: Amazing pixel art in an fully imagined isometric world. Reminiscent of classic tactical turn based RPGs.


Feature Packed Without Client Requirement: Finally Browser Game with real combat and animations. Stop staring at spreadsheets and count down timers and play a real, responsive, strategic Tactical RPG.

Expansive Storyline: Experience expansive story line spanning 4 different continents, a full scale engrossing score, hundreds of side quests, all within your browser and no downloads!

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