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Eden Eternal is yet another high quality anime-styled game to be released by Aeria Games. Eden Eternal is differentiating itself from Aeria Games' other titles by following the recent trend of freeing players from the typical locking of character classes.

In this game, you begin your quest as one of six starting classes. However, as you progress through the story you can free yourself from these basic roles by unlocking more classes in a variety of roles. You have the freedom to swap between these classes freely, eliminating the need for 'alts' as your 'main' can do it all!

 Eden Eternal is leaning towards a diverse set of mostly beastial based races such as a tribe of bear men. Currently five playable races are available, with more to possibly come.

We were also excited to hear that Eden Eternal will feature full guild towns! Not satisfied with your typical guild base, Eden Eternal went through great lengths to develop a system in which guild leaders can construct their own township, providing members of their guild access to rare resources that non-members will be lacking.

Despite its chibi-looks, Eden Eternal also promises fast-paced action combat that will leave slow lackadaisical players dead in the wake of the hoards of baddies you will encounter.

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  • Roy Etier

    Miscategorized, this is client-based

  • RandomDude

    I had a lot of fun with this early on but started sucking more and more after the mid 40’s. The cash shop is annoyingly pay-to-win but worse than that the crafting has disgustingly high failure rates. After 200+ tries at creating the same armor I realized why none were ever on the auction house and gave up. There was no crafted high level gear at all when I played because the fail rate is too high. There are also bugs where you can randomly lose things and support wants a fee to try and recover them…

    The publisher seems to have a problem working/communicating with the developer.

  • Another seemingly awesome game without a mac downloadable version… *sigh*

    • xtdx

      Just use Bootcamp. Sucks that there’s no Mac client but that’s the story with most games.



    • Mark Austin Mayfield


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    can’t download

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    hi po pwede sumali

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    how to online this games