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Edengrad is a post-apocalyptic survival MMO created by Huckleberry Games. With an extensive town building, item crafting, deep social and economical system build in, players can experience what things truly could be like in a torn, destructive world.


Feature packed: This MMO contains tons of themes and systems including a post-apocaliptic world, freedom of sandbox gameplay, survival and crafting.

Develop your character: Players can develop and increase their skills by using them multiple times over, and no character builds will be useless thanks to the games attribute system.

Dynamic combat Click-n'-Slash combat system allows for streamlined and fun, yet challenging encounters

Build and Expand: Endgame involves running a whole city, expanding your territory and fighting hostile factions and other towns.

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Game Videos

  • Edengrad: War Update

    War... war never changes. Except I suppose Edengrad's just got way more interesting! One of the biggest changes was the increase to exp gained from quests!

  • Edengrad – DevDiary #1 – War Update – 0.3

    War. War never changes. Wait, wrong game ... Edengrad's first Dev Diary focuses on how the game looks from their perspective, which is terribly interesting

  • Edengrad – Early Access Launch Trailer

    Ready for the early access of Edengrad? The world has changed. Innocence is gone. It's the heroes that die the youngest.

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