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Einherjar was developed and introduced in Japan in November 2010 by KBMJ. After the initial domestic success, the game was brought into abroad markets in July 2011 and its first destination was Vietnam. So far Einherjar has drawn in over 200 thousand players and become one of the most favourite game titles in Vietnam (Southeast Asia).

Stepping into Einherjar, players will play as Viking leaders. The story takes place in a vast wild land near the North Seas, where a human race calls themselves descendants of the Gods. That is indeed the territory of Vikings.


Tactics Model: Battles are fought in turn-based tactics fashion, with weapons triangles dictating strengths and weaknesses.

Age System: Characters age and become weaker over time, yet constantly gain new abilities and strengths as they age.

Cold Sleep: Players are only allowed a set number of combatants at a time based on their profile level. However you can place unused characters into ‘cold sleep' mode to preserve them for the future when you can make use of them.

Marriage and Birth: Characters over the age of 15 can marry and have children. Their offspring has a chance of inheriting their parents' Viking Blood, allowing them to access advanced skills from an early age.

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    Einherjar Online incorporates browser-based empire building elements with tactics RPG combat and a deep character system.

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