Element: Space

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  • Developer:
    Sixth Vowel

  • Genres:
    Strategy, Sci-Fi

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Element: Space is a sci-fi themed turn-based tactical RPG featuring a massive galaxy rich with narrative to explore. Take charge as a rogue captain and unify the human race.

Business Model: Retail

Key Features:

Classes: Utilize the advantages and disadvantages of the varied character types including tank, assault, duelist, gunslinger, and flanker.

Making Space: Take advantage of free-form movement and destructible environments to overcome your foes.

Galactic General: Assume the role of Christopher Pietham and lead a campaign against a dangerous terrorist organization.

Lending a Hand: Explore the various factions and help their leaders for perks and bonuses.

Making Friends: Recruit up to 8 unique companions each coming with their own skills, backstory, narrative arc, and combat role.

Packing Heat: Swap out dozens of available weaponry to find the right fit for your strategy.

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