Elvoria Online

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    CSG Studios

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Elvoria is a text-based MMORPG played in a browser. You hunt monsters, gather materials, and craft powerful items. Complete quests to obtain quest points, to further develop your character. You can train ten times each day, and enroll in various academy courses to increase the experience from enemies, or the yield from wood and ore. Create or join a clan to receive even more benefit to your abilities.


Real Time Battle: Every attack is detailed when you fight a monster. Learn how to optimize your stats to defeat them even easier!

Crafting and Gathering: Obtain ore and wood, and other items, and craft powerful items. Equip them yourself, or sell them to make a good profit!

Questing: Take on various quests to earn quest points. These points can then be used to boost your character even more.

Achievements: By reaching various milestones in Elvoria, you can obtain a variety of achievements. Try and get all of them to show your skill!

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