Empire & State

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    Novel Incorporated

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    2D Sci-Fi

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Empire & State represents a unique MMO that focuses on society and status rather than grinding monsters to acquire power. Like the real world, the major driving factors for the players will be politics, economics, crime, and warfare. Empire & State gives you a wide range of freedom in designing your character and story. From a CEO, to a General, to even a mob boss, the choices are yours in how you play.

In Empire & State you are measured by wealth and societal status rather than XXX amount of strength as a sign of your power. To acheive great success, you will have to win over the trust of your fellow players ad prove your worth in one of the various modes of gameplay available. Will you lead armies to battle against the android uprising? Perhaps negotiate a peaceful truce to a long standing diplomatic disagreement with a foreign leader? You might even gain the trust of the masses and be elected to president of a nation yourself!

Of course the dark side is very present in Empire & State. Just like our world, politicians are not always selected for their utopian plans and platforms promising benefit for all. If you can twist your way through the criminal underground and come out alive, vast power will be at your fingertips. Through bribery, espionage, and blackmailing you maybe able to overcome a much greater opponent and claim power for yourself.

Now say you aren't a leader of men? What place could you possibly have in this world then? Well there is much to be gained by betting on the winning horse. Use your connections to help raise your syndicate to global dominance, and the rewards will shower upon you even if you are not the figure head of the ship. But say something were to happen to the leader once your position was attained? Oh what a shame it would be if you had to replace your former leader, fallen from grace.

As these examples show, Empire & State is a dark gritty world of deceit, diplomacy, and cunning. If you want to be tested in a way no MMO has tested you before, Empire & State is waiting for you to try.

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