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Enlisted is a buy-to-play squad-based shooter developed by Gaijin Entertainment and is expected to see a console release once development has been completed and funding goals have been reached. With a unique combination of unit-based tactics, first-person shooting, and an emphasis on authenticity Enlisted will give you more than just one way to appreciate World War 2 campaigns. So gear your troops up and get ready to lead them into battle!


Episodic Gameplay: Battles are fought in episodes to players a better sense of actually "walking in a solider's shoes".

Historical/Objective-Oriented Battles: Fight alongside your comrades in Moscow to hold back invading troops or capture a foothold for your forces so the main troops can make their own landing. It isn't just about gunning down as many enemies as possible.

Unit Control: Don't just take control of a single character to fight your battles, but instead manage your troops as a unit and lead them into battles.

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    Enlisted now has a new class, the paratroopers, in its first major update of 2023. These elite fighters are trained to handle any infantry weapons, can jum

  • Enlisted Teaser Trailer

    The first teaser trailer for Enlisted, a multiplayer squad-based shooter being developed by Gaijin Entertainment.

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