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Enua Online is afantasy browser game, where players can meet and socialize within a persistent world and perform a real time strategy game play, with exclusive and high challenging features.
Completely different from any other or similar strategy based game, it matches classic strategic mechanics with real-time action, movement and fighting (MMORTS). The game play operates within an world map featured by hexagonal shaped territories.
Game introduction
Across ancient times, 2 factions fight for glory and challenge the arcane power of Immur!
Kurkaat (humans)
They are the ones who live by the Sea of Madness. When fighting they can rely on devastating and powerful arcane skills based on mental and spiritual discipline achieved in the late past by the mysterious power of the legendary emperor Immur. Kurkaat troops are specialized in destroying enemies by using brutal force.
Elastrinn (elfs)
This elf race represent the survived ancestry family of the valorous Astrinn “the ruby blade”. He attacked and defeated Immur as king of the Four Tower Empire. Since that ancient time and full of anger, he was named “the man who’s eye are a like ember”.
The game starts by choosing your favourite faction and select the position of your kingdom on the global map, then simply following a step-by-step intro tutorial you’ll start building up structures, villages, farms, mines, barracks…and train as you like your powerful army!
-No pre-set positions of buildings
-Real time moving of every single unit
-Shifting from kingdom terrain to map ad operating troops moving and strategic deploy
-Easy commands and intuitive control panel
Main game features
-Direct access with your Facebook or other social network’s account!
-Private chat room and mailbox for friends, ally or guild!
-Build up to 35 specialized buildings exactly where you want, no more preset positions!
-Coin directly your gold money!
-Manage every single unit or a multiple selection at once, always real-time!
-Setup special talents, up to 100 combo mix!
-Pillage more than 50 different items from the ancient ruins!
-Build fortifications and walls!
-Expand your domain by building even outside your reign!
-Protection for your reign when off-line!
-Up to 20.000 different territories to explore!
-More than 4.000 ancient ruins to pillage!
-Mini map always available to perform total control on yours and enemy actions!
-No limits in sharing or trading items!
-Powerful melee, arcane, magic, elemental combat skills!
-Up to 10 simultaneously talents to enable!
-Mercenary combat units!
-Numerous war equipment, weapons and armour set!
-Enable automatic defence structures against invasion even off-line!
-More than 30.000 achievable territories within the same world map!
-Harvesting specialized territories!
-Seas, mountains, deserts, islands, and…more!
-Power boost always available in the shop mall!
-New features are constantly updated!

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