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It’s the 53rd century, and time is collapsing. Through a series of targeted attacks, warring factions have caused alternate realities to spin off from the primary timeline. This has resulted in strange races, alternate histories, and an unstable universe that is collapsing in on itself.

As these fissures in time are detected, entire civilizations, races of evolved species, and hand-picked mercenaries who are in danger of being erased from time forever pledge their lives to stop the impending destruction of the universe. Or, worse yet, to destroy it in a bid for ultimate control.

Lindbergh's America, a triumphant South in the Civil War, the assassination of Adolph Hitler, the modern Roman Empire, the A.I. Wars. They all await you to repair or to ensure.

Gunslingers, Zen Assassins, Pyromaniacs, WWII Troopers, Cryomancers, and Crusaders. Oh, my!

Just a taste of the 27 classes awaiting you in this Kickstarter-funded MMORPG.

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