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Erica is an narrative-focused live-action thriller featuring an emphasis on regular decision making for a dense amount of player interactivity. Dive deep into a young girl's past and uncover the clues behind the riddle of her father's untimely death.

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

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Coming to a Head: Make tough choices throughout the movie-length runtime and embrace the ultimate consequences, both good and bad. Whether or not you can achieve the most satisfying ending will depend on your many actions up to that point.

Old Dog New Tricks: Utilize the power of modern technology to engage with the digital medium like never before! Both the Dualshock 4 PlayStation controller and companion mobile apps allow for an unprecedented level of emotional resonance and gameplay engagement through their creative utilization.

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  • Erica – Gamescom 2019 Launch Trailer

    Erica is a new live-action thriller which puts players deep into a mystery. Players will have to face up to the consequences of their actions, as they infl

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