Eternal Blade

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Eternal Blade is a Anime styled MMORPG being published later this year by gPotato. Players will navigate through a huge world and take on unique bosses with quirky mechanics and weak points that will force you to think on your feet to survive. The action is fast paced due to a smart casting system that only requires you to hover the mouse over a target and hit hotkeys to attack them. 6 classes and the Holy Animal system round out the features to make this a solid action RPG in 2012.


6 evolving classes: Players can take up arms at a thief, archer, magician, berserker, knight, or soul summoner, each with 2 additionally classes they can evolve into.

Adjustable Camera/Controls: Players can experience the game in standard third person MMO fashion or switch to an isometric view.

Quirky Anime World: From the world map reminiscent of Super Mario Brothers 3 to the fantastically animated towns and dungeons, you will feel like your are walking through the pages of a manga as you explore this huge game world.

Holy Animal System: Be defeating enemies and absorbing your elemental essences, you will be able to acquire Holy Animals that alter your skill effects and stats to differentiate yourself from others of your same class. Each animal impacts 3 skills and you can have 3 animals active at one time.

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