Eternium: Mage and Minions

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    Making Fun

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    Free To Play, Fantasy

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Eternium: Mage and Minions is an action MMORPG designed specifically for touch devices. Instead of simply tapping away at skills, draw the runes with your finger to bring forth the terrifying power of spells and rain hell upon your enemies in the fast-paced hack'n'slash combat. Explore the various game worlds fighting, collecting loot, and seeking out allies while hunting down your arch-enemy, available for Windows, iOS, and Android.


Global Dominance: Engage in brutal combat with other players in the real-time multiplayer.

EXPLOSION!: Decorate your screen with the viscerally satisfying destruction brought upon by powerful abilities.

Hoarders: Seek out progressively more valuable loot across 3 beautifully handcrafted areas.

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  • attila

    ativagyok szeretem eszt a játékot

  • daniel

    we need to play this game more often becuse its the best game for molbile and i will literly donate 1000000 just to get this popular agian