Evil Factory

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    Free To Play, Shooter, 2D Sci-Fi

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Evil Factory is an 8-bit top-down arcade shooter featuring giant bosses to fight and a wealth of customization options to collect. After being hired by the international alliance you're tasked with eliminating the deadly kraken threat and the facility where they make depraved creations, available for iOS and Android.


Loadout: Tailor your equipment to match your preferred playstyle.

Retro Nostalgia: Seek out game cartridges hidden in levels to gain access to mini games inspired by games of old.

No Place for the Weak: Take on the ultimate boss rush challenge and test your skill as a squid-reaper.

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  • Evil Factory Launch Trailer

    Bring down the Kraken group, equip your hero, and play the role of Hero Leo, the pixelated warrior dedicated to this task! Evil Factory is a top-down retro

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