Excalibur Online

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    Omniverse Games

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    Browser Based

Excalibur Online is a browser based free-to-play massively multiplayer online strategy (MMORTS) game. Set in post Roman Britain in the years just preceding the rise of King Arthur and Camelot, players in Excalibur Online must collect resources and quickly develop new technology in order to build up their cities, maintain powerful armies, and try to unify Britain under their own rule. Of course thousands of other players have the same goal, so it’s a never ending battle for resources and development.

Players can enter into (and break) alliances with other players, get help from legendary heroes, and use magical special items to achieve their objectives.

In addition to the standard gameplay, Excalibur Online features a weekly server-wide “Battle for Avalon”, where players can contribute as many units as they wish to fight for gold, resources, and glory. Rewards are divided up as a percentage of troops committed. There are no limits to the amount of troops and units that can be committed to battle, so this is all out WAR!

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