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    Shooter, Sci-Fi

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When sudden outbreaks of dinosaurs threaten mankind, you'll become its last hope of survival in Exoprimal.  Join the ranks of exosuit pilots and face off against dinosaurs and rivals alike as you respond to new saurian outbreaks across the globe!

Business Model: Retail

Microtransactions: Yes, cosmetic only.

Key Features:

One Suit to Rule them All: Exosuits are your only means of survival against the greatest predators earth has ever known! Equip yourself with a rig to give yourself even more of an advantage, and know you can switch roles at any time to respond to any threat.

Survival of the Tankiest: You'll have to face off against rival squads if you want the cred to tackle harder missions. Sometimes, though, you'll have to work together to face an even bigger threat, such as the horribly mutated Neosaurs.

Three Different Classes, One Job: Face off against these threats as an assault, capable of dealing high damage, as a tank to draw the ire of your foes and keep them safe, or as a support to heal and buff your allies, or debuff your opponents.

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