Exos Saga

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    Eyedentity Games

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Exos Saga is a free to play fantasy mobile RPG developed by Eyedentity Mobile for both iOS and Android with a captivating story and impressive visuals. Players will fight in intense, side-scrolling battles against fierce monsters and even one-another. Stylistically drawn units can be collected to outfit your party to your liking with the skills you find most useful. Units, weapons, and items can even be upgraded to push your power to new extremes. If you're looking to experience a visual fantasy, then look no further than Exos Saga.


Social Aspects: Make friends and alliances with other players to take on some of the strongest bosses around!

Breath-taking Skills: Stunning animations and visuals occur when skills are activated, taking up the entire screen.

PvP Content: Enter the arena to test your skills against other players and their unit combinations.

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