Fable Fortune

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    Flaming Fowl Studios

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Fable Fortune is a new CCG title created by former members of Lionhead Studios known as Flaming Fowl Studios. Based on the popular Fable series, Fable Fortune combines cherished gameplay systems with an array of pioneering game modes and features.


Quests: Players can complete different quests during a match, so players must build decks and strategies to fulfil the objectives of chosen quests and reap the hard-won rewards, as well as defeating their opponent.

Morality System: Like in the Fable games, players can decide to take the path of either good or evil, and in Fable Fortune, players will morph to reflect their alignment, changing the effects of their special abilities and also morphing many cards in their deck into more powerful variants.

Co-op play: Players can work together to do battle against a host of Fable villains.

Events: Enjoy weekly or monthly events including PvP leagues, co-op boss challenges and more.

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