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    Abrakam SA

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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Strategy, Free To Play

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Faeria is a free-to-play fantasy card game developed by Abrakam SA for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, is available for download on Steam, and is expecting an Android release as well. In Faeria players can experience a CCG with an innovative, dynamic board and highly tactical combat. Collect your cards, manage your resources, dominate your opponents, and show the world that you deserve the title of one of Faeria's strongest!


Dynamic Board: Place land tiles that will become part of the battlefield and help you gain more resources as you play.

Phase-less Gameplay: Attack, move, summon creatures, draw cards and more all in a single turn without the limitation of game phases.

Strategic Battles: Attack your enemies as quickly as possible with rush cards or save up for strong combos that could wipe them out in a single turn. You'll need to decide what strategy is best for each situation you're in.

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