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    Fantasy, Other

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Fantage, short for Fantastic Age, is a browser based virtual world for kids. In Fantage players can create an avatar, explore various maps on their hoverboards, and participate in different social activities with other players. The world is filled with anime-inspired graphics and avatars can be customized in different ways to give them the perfect appearance for whatever activity you're gearing up for next. Fantage intends to create one of the safest spaces online for young gamers to socialize and play together. With a three-tiered safety system, character customization, and fun minigames it's sure to entertain kids of a variety of ages!


Minigames: Play minigames by yourself or with friends to earn coins. Coins can be spent on new clothing, hair styles, furniture for your home and other things!

Pets: In Fantage players collect pets by hatching them from eggs. Non-premium players can only hatch two eggs on their account, whereas premium players can hatch as many eggs as they desire.

Safety: Fantage's three-tiered safety system ensures your child will have a fun time while still staying as safe as possible.

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