Fantasy Online

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Fantasy Online is a game unlike any other. Well, it's kind of like many others, but that's what makes it so great...

Without naming names, players have likened it to the adventures of a certain bow-wielding adventurer, wandering through trees inspired by a certain monster-collecting RPG, in the style of a certain monthly-fee MMO. What they didn't expect is the refreashing tongue-in-cheek humour in which they experience said gameplay.

(Oh, and if you think that you need to install some crazy software, don't worry... it's a Flash-based game that you can access from anywhere-even Facebook-and especially at work!)

So whether you're being rewarded with adult diapers for killing domesticated ogres, collecting myriad skulls for seemingly no reason, or gaining experience for collecting crab goo, there's something for everyone in Fantasy Online!

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