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Far Cry 5 is an openworld first-person shooter taking place in the massive rural Montana area where a deadly and dangerous cult calls home. Explore the vast region causing havoc in any way you see fit. Available Windows, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One.


Humanoid Typhoon: Destabilize the evil organization by destroying their bases and killing their leaders without falling victim yourself either to the brainwashed followers or the hostile environment.

Undying: Utilize a variety of weapons and vehicles in addition to the various skills such as hunting, fishing, shooting, driving, wingsuiting, and crafting.

Getting Help: Join a friend and travel across the land battling realistic AI and experiencing all kinds of adventures.

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    Coming on August 28th, 2018, "Dead LIving Zombies" brings 7 scenarios coming to Far Cry 5. I don't like the idea of Dead Living Zombies. Romeo and Juliet s

  • Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars Launch Trailer

    Far Cry 5's next hot destination is on the Red Planet, with Lost on Mars. It's now available, and it's time to strap on your jetpack and shoot some Martian

  • Far Cry 5: Space Weapons, Arachnids, and Exploding Farm Animals

    Lost on Mars is an expansion for Far Cry 5, that takes players millions of miles from home. Nick Rye will blast Martian Arachnids, fly around the Red Plane

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