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Myth and lore spoke of celestial beings not of our world, immortal and enlightened beings beyond the common intellect of man. Some worshiped these beings as gods fearing for their life and prosperity; others sought these beings out for eternal wisdom, direction and protection. The days of man stretched through the transcendent mist of time and men became wrestles. The desire to learn more than the limitations set beneath the stars set men on an epic journey to discover their eternal destiny. Their journey would soon end at the Mount of Endless…

New Source Gaming will be releasing their first official 3D MMORPG “Fasaria World 3D” for public beta test May 27, 2008. Fasaria World 3D will be a fantasy MMORPG that focuses on a detailed storyline and progressive game experience. Though the game will have in depth community features and an unlimited freedom to explore each world, FW will also appeal to RPG fans who long for a story and some direction to their online gaming. This focus to story telling will both enhance the single player and multiplayer experience. Fasaria World 3D will not be a game of endless farming and instances but will immerse the gamer in a real world RPG experience and story. FW will also be one of the first official games released using the Realm Crafter engine. FW has a site dedicated to providing a tight nit community and connection for their paid members.

Chat rooms, guilds and profile can be updated with a buddy list to track down friends and instant message. Pre-paid members can engage in discussions and will have full access to play their browser based multiplayer online games based upon the FW story and fantasy world.

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Game Videos

  • Fasaria World Trailer

    The Fasaria World trailer shows a preview of the First Chapter which will be released in march 2009. Enter a world with various levels and intricate combat

  • Fasaria Sneak Peak

    The first Fasaria sneak peak trailer! Soundtrack by Switchfoot.

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