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    MOBA, Shooter, Sci-Fi

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FeArea is a science fiction themed team battler taking the best of the MOBA genre and leaving the fat behind. Choose a class, customize your mechanical creation, and fight other players on a fast-paced action packed battlefield of the future. Available for Windows.


Jan-Ken: Play it long range as a tank, get up close and personal as a death machine, or choose the middle ground between both as a combat robot.

Don't Wait There's More!: Forget siting idly by in a lobby, get into matches as soon as you can with teams mixed with A.I. teammates or opponents.

Doing What it Takes: Kill everything that moves in deathmatch, work tactically with allies in team deathmatch, or attack/defend an objective in capture the flag.

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    Warp into a world of cold-hearted killing machines piloted by elite soldiers.

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