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Feudums is a medieval 4X Strategy MMO created 2Pence Studios. Combining the best elements from games such as Civiliazation while borrowing themes from popular shows such as HBO's Game of Thrones, Feudums will take browser-based strategy games to a new direction.


Realistic Vassalage System: Vassalage is a core concept of Feudums affecting both diplomacy and player interactions. Lands can be offered in return for someone's loyalty, and vassals are obliged to support your military campaigns

Intelligent Warfare: War is an expensive endevour in real life, and players must take the cost of war into consideration. Seasonal military campaigns and levy troops who players will solely miss during harvest if they die in war are cornerstones of the system.

RPG Elements: Features such as or customizing and creating the lore of your Noble House are available through in-game achievements.

Free-to-Win: Expect no pay-to-win elements here. Enjoying fun, competitive, social and free gaming with Feudums.

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