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    EA Canada

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    Sim, Sports

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FIFA 19 is an exhaustively detailed football game giving players a variety of options to enjoy the globally-popular sport. Pick your poison, whether that's by taking a club to UEFA stardom, competing against others from around the world, or mixing and matching players from different organizations to create the Ultimate Dream Team. Available for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.


Master of the Ball: Engage in new mechanics like the timed finishing system which allows for greater precision when you're going for those clutch goals.

Is This Real Life?: The lines between a T.V. broadcast and gameplay are blurred with the addition of all new commentary from Derek Rae and Lee Dixon as well as a few improvements to the Official Match Presentation.

Worldwide: Participate in the newly included UEFA Champions League and travel to exotic locations facing the best of the best like never before!

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